February, 2008 Contest: What is your secret to making your home smell good?

Contest Winners: Bernice Benesch of Gulf Breeze, FL and Laura Loiero of Forest Hill, MD

Bernice Benesch

I live in north western Florida, so I am able to open windows even on a cool day, to let fresh air inside. Used sparingly, I also love my micro-cloth cleaning wipe and eco-friendly cleaners. I air-dry my sheets, rugs and cloth-based items to bring the smell of outdoors inside and I also use herbs and scented woods, scattered throughout the house, along with essential oils in the bathrooms. And fresh cut, fragant flowers are displayed as often as possible.

Laura Loiero

I make my own version of Spin Fresh, the scented toilet paper roll holder, by placing a drop of lemongrass essential oil on the inside of a regular cardboard toilet paper roller. The essential oil soaks into the cardboard and smells fresh for weeks. When the paper is gone, I put the cardboard in the vanity or linen cabinet, until the scent is exhausted, to keep the stored towels and linens smelling great also.