July, 2008 Contest: With the high price of gas, are you spending more time at home and, if so, what are you doing with that time?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Martha Adams Wesley of Chapel, FL

With the high prices of gas, these days we are definitely spending more time at home! I have to admit that it’s been fun getting acquainted with our home again and it has also given our family an opportunity to get ORGANIZED.

Organizing and decluttering my daughter Paloma’s bedroom (age 13) and her closet has been very rewarding. Did I forget to mention that she loves fashion and her favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada? Plus, she’s on a competitive cheerleading team? Can you picture the massive amount of clothing and stuff she has accumulated?

We both had great fun with this project and she feels so proud of her space, now, that she has been doing a wonderful job of maintaining it. It has been a real joy to walk into her room and not see a million shoes thrown all over the floor.

I would like to share my strategy for keeping tweens and teens organized with the rest of your readers/visitors since it has only brought peace and harmony into our lives:

Our strategy:

We started by putting all of the clothing on hangers. Shirts were separated, first by color, then by sleeve length followed by shorts, skirts, and pants. We have an extra bedroom so we used the spare closet to store her winter coats during summer and we used her dresser drawers to house, socks, undergarments, bathing suits, T-shirts and pajamas. A new rule was put into place: if it doesnt fit in the drawer, we purge. We also purchased see through plastic boxes from Wal-Mart (cost -$1.00 each) and used them to store her shoes and accessories.

Finally, our digital camera was used to photograph all of her shoes. The images were loaded in the computer and printed, in color, on white computer paper. Images were then cut and taped to the front of her shoes boxes. We stacked the shoe boxes on top of each other on the bottom of her closet with the pictures facing the front.