June, 2008 Contest: How is the current real estate market affecting whether you live in a rental or own a home?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Lorna Ambroise of Sunrise, FL

My husband and I own a modest two bedroom home with our 9 year old daughter, a pet cat and two birds. We live comfortably and have thought, on occasion, of upgrading to a three-bedroom to accommodate a guest/craft room. After much discussion, we’ve decided it makes more sense to: * Downsize the things we outgrow ( it cost less to maintain less) * Maintain and do our own repairs around the house * Teach our daughter to recycle old clothes (iron-on patches; converting old jeans to purses make quite a fashion statement and she will learn to sew and design an ‘original’) * Keep it small; it translates to less fuel consumption We also spend more time together as a family doing simple activities like talking, playing board games, gardening, and having family and friends over!