May, 2008 Contest: When you walk through the front door, how does your home make you feel?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Kathryn Baur of Brooklyn, NY

After renting apartments for 17 years, I just purchased a 650 square foot condo, with a small terrace and a roof deck. I moved in on February 29th. I can see a tiny sliver of the NY harbor, with the Staten Island ferry moving back and forth and the planes far away, taking off from Newark Airport.

I got rid of a lot of stuff before I moved. (You put something out on the street, you go brush your teeth, you come back, and it’s gone.)

I planned out where everything was going to fit, and I still got rid of a few things after I moved in. Now, when I walk in the front door, and there is space around me, and light and air, and the things that I love, I feel wonderful. Happy, free, relaxed. It’s like I can finally, fully exhale.