Oct, 2008 Contest: How has the economy affected your lifestyle?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Jennifer Duenes of Oakland, CA

The swings in the economy recently have caused me to step back and do two things: 1) try to use what I have as much as possible, and 2) be thankful for all of the things in life that don’t cost a penny.
It’s not easy, though. I am currently on a “31 Days of Nothing” spending fast from anything except for basics, like food, utilties, rent, etc.

It’s amazing how many times I will think of something that I want, and automatically it becomes a need, and a pressing one at that.

But since I’ve restricted my spending, I’ve slowly realized that saying “not” to something really just means saying “yes” to a more creative solution.

Now I find myself getting more excited over clearing out a shelf or drawer instead of packing it in with useless things, or finding a creative way to re-use leftovers or craft supplies I have on hand.