June_August, 2009 Contest: Would you rather have a small home and more money for travel, or a large home and limited vacation funds?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Lori Kroh of Arrow OK

I have had a large home – 3800 sq. feet and a small home 1500 sq. feet. I know for sure I would rather have the small home – perfectly decorated and organized.

It took me 8 years to get to this realization but I now know that a home is a home and the heart that you have inside of that home is what makes the difference. When we live with less and with a sense of order then our lives tend to really have more and they have peace. A larger home costs more to decorate due to more furniture, bigger rugs, a bigger scale on everything almost and just all the items needed to make it look complete. This in turn causes me to work longer to clean and maintain and just overall be run by my home instead of me running the home.

I love the beach and that is our best vacation. I would rather have a peaceful home life that I run and then go on vacations to really relax and escape than to be in a bigger home and never have the funds to really be free and go on vacation.

My husband and I have owned four homes in 11 years of marriage and it took the first eight to really find out our style and function and what worked for us. I finally found our dream size home and it’s 2000 sq. feet. We live very peacefully and I can run the home and maintain with a happy “no big deal” mantra.

At the end of my life…I don’t think I will look back and say, “wow, I sure did enjoy vacuming the huge house”…I want to look back and remember that the time spent with my family was because of what I was able to give to them… a peaceful and happy home and that it launched my children into homes of their own that they could truly love and be happy in.