Jan, 2009 Contest: Now that 2009 has arrived, what will be the first home improvement or decorating project you undertake?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
David Gold of Rocheport, MO

My living room needs color, and more. This single 60 year old straight guy built his first home five years ago; I finally have a place to put my stuff…antiques and modern. It’s been fun and I have plans for the area, but I”m still color blind and can”t make a decision.

The long space, raw concrete floored room is roughly divided into three areas. One is seating; the usual sofa and table. A friend and I built the display coffee table. The same friend and I are planning to build a library (ceiling to floor shelving/display); a gallery and reading area at one end, and the third should be a raised area possibly with bamboo flooring for my television addiction and contrasting modern art and furniture (I guess it harkens back to a warehouse loft space I lived and worked in once in St. Louis).

What do you think? Is there a chance for a project in the middle of nowhere in an odd and eccentric self-designed house mixed with farm antiques, mid-west regionalist art, balanced in imagination only with mid-century and modern furniture? I need a lot of help to save myself from my current chaos and affinity for hoarding.!