Sept_Oct, 2009 Contest: What is the best DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) project you have ever created? Tell us what you created, how you did it step by step, and in what way it benefited you or someone else

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Renee Coy of Molalla, OR

Recently I did a bedroom make-over “Wildlife Style.” My husband left on a week-long elk hunting trip (which he lives for) and I wanted to complete the project while he was gone in order to surprise him.

Planning secretly for s, I selected three rustic color paints. My accent wall was red and I used some recycled cedar shakes from my husband’s deceased grandfather’s place and accented the lower section of the wall. I removed all the trim from around the room and primed and painted the walls in a outdoorsy, but calm, green. I then had a large picture engraved with my husband’s “happy place” on cedar planks which I framed.

I also restripped and repainted a dresser, repainted a used headboard and television stand, and put together a stencil of elk. The pieces all matched nicely using the red accent-color paint and brown. In addition, I taxidermied my husband’s first bull elk horns and ordered a special plaque for them, staying within my color theme, plus I also bought an elegant bedding set with matching curtains which I tailored to fit my windows and hung a curtain rod. And, let’s not forget the wall heater I removed, patched .