December, 2010 Contest: Is your desk neat or messy? Do you like it that way?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Vivienne Nichols of Signal Mountain, TN

My desk is a reflection of my life… my treasures, my thinking, my plans.. things that matter uniquely to me! It can be a mess or it can be tidy (like me!). If one desires to know me they need go no further to learn a lot! It is an expression of myself, archived or unfolding and so I make no apologies if it isn’t perfect!

My personal desk is an antique secretary. Above, behind glass doors, are old leather books. I adore the patina of this collection. Their beauty warms me, invites me, calms me and sets a tone for my thinking. These volumes are surrounded by silver cups… celebration pieces, mint juleps with milestone dates engraved upon them, baby cups, dented rattles and gnawed teething rings. A Revere bowl holds center court and contains a collection of silver demitasse spoons collected by my grandmother. The cubbies, below, hold my obsessions… good paper, photographs, snippets of pretty ribbon, my passport! But, also tucked within these slots are little silver cups which contain stamps, paper clips, safety pins, breath mints, rubber bands… unattractive, yet practical and essential items of the everyday. In a frame to my left is a photograph of my family, and to my right is a pencil cup containing an ink pen created by a childhood friend, given to me for my birthday. I light a candle there daily… a ritual… of invoking light into the darkness of friends who suffer and to honor the lives of those departed. So, I feel the space is sacred and, if it is messy, then it reminds me that life is that way, too, and it is okay!

I save letters and they are often stuck between bills and 50%-off coupons and party invitations. There is a clock with no batteries and perhaps that is intentional. Time stops here. It is my nest… a microcosm of who I am and how I roll! Whatever the perception of the space might be to another, it is beautiful, inviting, intimate and meaningful to me. And that, in my opinion, is just how our spaces should be!