Jan_Feb, 2010 Contest: Where do you store your magazines? Do you have difficulty finding a place for them or do you have an effective solution?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Julie Battelle of Sugar Land, TX

I collect magazines. I store those I am still reading in a small, rectangular can in my bathroom. It only holds around 8 magazines, so that forces me to keep clearing out the can. The magazines are easily stored away when they are not being read.

Because I love magazine covers, I hang my collectible magazines on the wall. I use plastic record album sleeves from the used record store. The sleeves are slightly wider and longer than a magazine so there is excess plastic that allows a nail or tack to hold each one in place without damaging the magazine. This method makes them easily accessible because the “top” is open.

They are also fun conversation-starters displayed along the back wall of my home office.