June-July, 2010 Contest: How have your pets affected your decorating choices?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Carol Heap of Flowery Branch, Georgia

I love a well-decorated home but I love a clean home even more. More than anything I love my dog and want to be able to let her have full run of the house.

So in the summer months, up come the area rugs which allows me to quickly run a mop on my hardwoods. I chose a leather couch for the family room so I can wipe it down and slipcovers for some other pieces that are completely washable. I paint my walls at least every two years in a washable eggshell. Clean towels are kept at the doors for rainy-day paws.

In the winter I add my shampooable area rugs again, and also add a washable warm fuzzy throw or two to the couch to warm things up again.