October-November, 2010 Contest: Do you enjoy or dread cleaning out your closets or drawers, and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Leona Schell of Saskatchewan, Canada

Dread… more like avoid.  Why?  I suppose it’s more than just the task I dread.  I don’t suppose anyone really ‘enjoys’ this task, unless they are completely fanatical about being organized.

It wasn’t until I read your question that I realized why i dreaded and avoided cleaning out the dreaded drawers:

For me, drawers have become something of a dirty little secret.  An unseen hideaway for articles stashed in a frenzied pick-up; items pushed to the back of the drawer because they are just a tad too snug but too good to toss.

I must admit there is even more clutter here than what is simply lurking in the dresser drawers… it’s mental clutter that I don’t enjoy facing any more than the outgrown undies.