January-March, 2011 Contest: What are some of the things you are doing to maintain or increase the value of your home?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Laura Lewis of Dublin, OH

We are NOT overdoing it. That’s what we have come to realize is the necessary approach for us to maintain (increase?) the value of our home.

We’ve finished the basement ourselves (my hubby, really), added hardwood floors and tile, bought stainless appliances, new light fixtures, added a new roof, power washed the house, painted shutters/trim, updated landscaping, added organization systems in the garage and unfinished basement for tons of storage, painted the deck, painted inside several times with up to date colors, etc. over a 10 year period (it was new to us). My husband even added wood trim to all the doorways and some wall-to-wall bookshelves in the den.  

But now, we’ve been reduced to changing knobs, using pillow covers, buying new bedding, and making curtains as frugally and as best I can, just to keep it feeling new or fresh. It is so hard!  We are DIY junkies but we cannot overdo the house more than our neighborhood or house size dictates.  We’d lose our investment if we did much more than what’ve already done.  

We may replace the remaining carpet, or redo the kitchen counters even though we’ve already done that once for fun. But, that is it (I swear!).  No additions or sunrooms or hot tubs, etc. That just doesn’t fit here.  

So, other than flipping a house in our spare time (ha! 2 kids, 2 jobs), we must lock up our tools and wish lists and simply MAINTAIN. Regular cleaning, keeping yearly repairs/maintenance on track, repairing what 2 little boys can destroy on a daily basis (mostly kick or color on), and concentrating on keeping it decluttered is what is necessary now, to maintain our home’s value.  It is NOT as much fun to us as redoing or adding, but it is just as valuable at this time.